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Friday, February 4, 2011

need you to talk.. ='(

hey dear.. where are you now?? i just want to be with you.. huhuk.. ='(.. i promise that i never leave you alone.. but why you have to go like this?? please tell me what your problem.. why you have go to calm yourself?? i feel lonely without you.. i want you now.. do you hear me?? please dear.. i worried about you..

i don't know what to say anymore.. it's hurt dear.. can i run right now?? huhuk.. if i ask you to do that, of course you mad at me.. but.. i just feel lonely.. i want to accompany you.. but you do not want i to do it for you.. maybe you need your time.. but i miss you.. i worry about you.. did you know?? huhuk.. 

crying crying crying.. maybe it can make me feel better.. LOVE YOU SO MUCH..

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