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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

baby,, are u d0wn d0wn d0wn d0wn d0wn..

that's my feeling..
try try n try very hard 2 forget him
 but i can't
so sad
when i'm busy
i'm still remember him
always about him 
only him can make me smile like before
i still missing him
that's me
if i love someone
only him that i love
where is him??
he do not pick up my phone
he do not reply my text
i don't know why
i want the explanation from u 
maybe after that
i can be better
i hope i can forget him as soon as possible
because i know he had forget me now
be strong girl
u can do it!!


HURUHARA^^ said...

:: babe . chill oke .
aku selalu ade gn kau . :))

joyahjunior said...

chill sudaa..

makna cinta dari nama ku=)

welcome to my blog..thankz to everyone who see my blog..